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Family History Research DocumentsHave you ever thought about family tree research but didn’t know where to start? Or maybe you have started looking into your family history, but have hit a brick wall. Well, we are here to help you. With years of experience in family history research, we can offer an efficient, professional and personal service to suit your budget.

Maybe your ancestor was an agricultural labourer, a tradesman, an apprentice, a rogue or even royalty? Are there any skeletons in your cupboard? Did your family members fight in World Wars? Were they a casualty of war? Perhaps they ran away to Gretna Green to get married. They may have been involved in accidents or crimes? Could you be descendants of a famous family? Now you can find out about your ancestor’s lives and see how they have influenced your own life?

All these and many more questions may be answered by letting us research your family history.

With access to millions of records and many years of ancestry research experience, we are well placed to provide you with the information you need to reveal the stories behind your family history. We have a wide range of family history packages to choose from, so lets get started!

Take a look at out fixed price packages and choose the one that is right for you.

” I approached Family Tree Researchers because I wanted to be able to present my mother with her full family history for the 86th birthday.  Previously I had only got so far with our family lines but eventually came to a full stop, so therefore I sought professional help.

The results were fantastic.  There was constant email contact discussing developments along the way.  My mother is now in possession of a beautifully bound journal with all 4 lines of her family history including birth, marriage and census certificates together with snippets of relevant historical facts plus the family tree diagrams.

One thing I liked was the inclusion of the family photos.  It brought the journal alive and added additional interest for the rest of the family when reading it.

I found the experience very interesting and trouble free.  I would thoroughly recommend Family Tree Researchers or an extremely professional service to those people who need support in tracing their family history” – Miss Rhodes

“I have used Family Tree Researchers to find out about a part of our family that we knew very little about but were always intrigued. Leanne and the team have done a marvelous job and have kept me up to date throughout the process. The finished books are professionally done and beautifully presented. A perfect gift for my cousin’s birthday.” – Miss G M Young

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We can help you with….

Free Family History Research
We offer FREE family tree research services and consultations for first time researchers who are struggling to get started. Or perhaps you have already made a start but need some guidance.
Dating old Photographs
Dating your old photos can be very helpful when you have inherited some old family photographs. We can help you find out who the sitter is or when the photo was taken.
Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates
Searching for Birth, Marriage or Death certificates can be very frustrating. You have searched everywhere but cannot find that elusive family member’s certificate. Let us help you.