Family History Research FAQs

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions on Family Tree Research – we hope these help you.

How far back can Family Tree Researchers trace my ancestors?

Research will depend upon the survival and availability of records. Some records go back as early as the 1500s but most research gets back to the early 1800s or late 1700s.

What do I need to give you to start the ancestry research?

We will need some basic information to enable us to start researching your family tree. For instance, the names of your grandparents and the places where they may have lived. Other information such as approximate dates of birth or marriage and if possible where these events may have taken place are helpful pieces of information but not essential.

Do I get the birth, marriage or death certificates that you have bought for the research?
Frequently Asked Questions on Birth Marriage and Death Certificates

Where we need to buy certificates, we charge these to you at cost. The certificates are scanned and emailed to you. If you wish to have the original certificate posted to you, we charge a postage fee relevant to the number of certificates requested.

What happens if you are unable to complete the research or can’t find my family?

Our preliminary research based on your initial enquiry will enable us to determine whether there is likely to be any problems. However, this is unlikely and we are confident that we will be able to provide you with a fully researched Family Tree.

How do I order from you?

We will establish your requirements via email or telephone and once we are clear on what you want, we will send you an invoice for agreed amount. We can accept Credit Card payments via PayPal, electronic bank transfers or cheques via the post. Alternatively, if you know what you want, you can purchase directly from our online store.

Can I have some old family photos added to the ancestry research?
A Family Tree with pictures of individuals inside

For a small upgrade fee we can add photos of individuals to the Report and Tree. It really brings things to life. You simply scan the photos, send them over to us and we will edit them for you and add them to the tree and research report.

What do you mean by an Ancestral Line?
Frequently Asked Questions on Lines of Direct Ancestry

We research by direct Ancestral Lines. This means we follow the male line for each of the root’s four grandparents. Each line is researched and where possible the male and female (i.e. Mother and Father) at each level is identified through birth, marriage and death dates together with children’s information.

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