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Hardback binder with Family History printed in gold coloured lettering on the front

A Family Tree Presentation Pack 

A high-quality A4 hardback binder including a dedication page, transcripts of the family records and all documents found whilst carrying out the research. You are free to add additional pages or documents at a later date. Please note that if the family tree layout will not fit onto an A4 sheet whilst still being legible, then we can offer you the option of having the tree printed on a fold-out page which will incur additional costs. The costs are dependant upon the size of the tree.

Photos of Family members

Bring your Family Trees to life with a series of family photos (maximum 20) added to the presentation pack and to the electronic version. A family tree including pictures of the individuals

Family Tree Wall Charts

A single line family tree chart is a wonderful way to share your genealogy research with family, or display it in your home. It can be presented and embellished with photos of family members or even your coat of arms / motto if there is one for a member of your family.


If you use a family tree programme you can usually upload a GEDCOM file to view the ancestry. We will provide you with the full GEDCOM file of our research into your family tree.

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