Dating Old Photographs

dating old photographsDating old photos is helpful when you have inherited some old family photographs. Unfortunately, most do not have any annotation with the person or people’s name or date. This can lead to some confusion as to who the sitter is or when the photo was taken.

By careful investigation and research, we may be able to pinpoint the date of the photo to at least within 5 years or so.

Knowing when a photograph was taken or better still where it was taken may make it possible to decide who the sitter really is. We may be able to confirm if the sitter is who you think it is. In some cases, it can even confirm that it is not who you think it is which may be disappointing but will help clear up family arguments!

Dating an old photograph is like a detective game. There can be so many clues which, when all taken together, can give you a very accurate result.

Thanks for your help in identifying my great grandfather in the photograph. Without your help we would never have known whether it was him or not. Thanks! – Mr S, Yorkshire

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